Kurdistan Regional Government Investment Laws

Pursuant to legislation by the Kurdistan National Assembly - Iraq, and by virtue of Article 10 of Law no. (1) of 2005, the President of Kurdistan Region - Iraq hereby issues the following Law:

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Doing Business in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The KRG has worked hard to promote the Region as a superior business location in the Middle East. To create a competitive environment where they are able to compete on prices, cost of labor, manufacturing cost to cement itself as a regional force.

The Kurdistan Regional Government focuses on a wide range of economic sectors for favorable investment and commercial treatment, including manufacturing, agriculture, hotels and tourism, transportation, banking and infrastructure. Under the 2006 Kurdistan Region Investment Law, foreign investors receive identical treatment in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region as domestic investors. Foreign investors may own their entire project and profits are freely transferable. Foreign companies may be given land free of charge in the IKR. With an import license from the appropriate IKR authorities, the law allows favorable long-term tax and custom duties exemptions for many items.